Here at Football Reboot, we believe in doing what is best for the planet. Our entire business model is based off the idea of reusing and recycling - keeping old boots out of landfill and giving them a new life.

Over 25 million sporting shoes end up in Australian landfills each year. For every conversion that we do, that is one less pair of boots adding to the already unimaginable amount of waste produced in our country annually. In addition, each time you replace the studs of your converted boots, you are again increasing their longevity - further reducing your impact on the planet.

Not only are we good for the planet, but we’re good for your wallet too. By converting your old firm ground boots into soft ground boots, you are getting double the life out of one pair of boots for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new pair. There’s even more to rave about when you think about the amount you’re saving each time you replace the studs of your converted boots.

Football reboot is committed to providing a sustainable and affordable service for footballers of all levels. We stand by tackling the war on waste and welcome any suggestions or advice to better our sustainability campaign!


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